We are best known for the manufacturer of Non woven fabric carry bags which comes in different styles, unique designs and attractive colours. Blue Tech entrusts itself to be the best and most professional non woven fabric bags manufacturer in Odisha.


Blue Tech's Non Woven Fabric Bags are acknowledged for their excellent quality, durability and water resistant capacity all over the country. We establish ourselves as the most authentic packaging manufacturer and supplier Industry. Our manufacturing industry is well equipped with modern and latest technology and machinery which helps us in fulfilling the bulk requirements of our clients easily.


Blue tech is supported by a team of highly efficient professionals who tries every possible course of action in order to achieve specific requirements of the clients. With the enduring quality, Blue Tech has been relied on customers. Blue tech's products are in use everywhere, from specialized packaging to supermarkets.


With innovative ideas and dynamic solutions, we are a young and avid team, constantly improving our product range and continous focus on giving new and innovative services to the non- woven market. We are capable of producing excellent quality of Non woven products. We have a big printing unit with multi colour flex and offset printer.


We, as one of the well renowned Non woven bags manufacturers, believe in precise engineering of our bags to have them and provide 'easy to use' system for our clients. We are manufacturers and exporters of non woven bags to even various parts of the country. Our standards are set to an extent where the customers rely on us for the usage of products and help us to grow in the industry. We are highly optimistic over further extending resources to generate, harbour and empower for new technology, methods, designs, manufacturing devices and standards!

Our Mission & Vision

Blue Tech inspires the employees to be the best so that they can be engaged in sustainable practices to achieve its vision, that is ''maximizing returns to our customers while maintaining best quality in its products''.


We are committed to our focused attention towards the employee involvement, customer's satisfaction and make significant contribution to the industry. In short, our vision is to become the top performing and one of the most respected Non woven fabric bags manufacturers.


The National Environment Policy seeks to conserve the natural resources so that livelihood and well-being of everyone should be secured. The policy is intended to establish environmental concerns in all development activities of the country. Sustainable development is the main objective of this policy. Sustainable development is a voluntary approach in which we meet our present needs without compromising the ability to meet the needs of our future generation. Environmental depletion affect soil fertility, quantity and quality of water, air quality, flora & fauna etc. We only work with suppliers and manufacturers who are devoted to minimize their environmental impact. We are dedicated to continual enhancement of our manufacturing and logistical operations.


Blue Tech prides itself on environmental awareness in the supply of all its products. Educating and motivating employees to assure that we operate in the most environmentally viable way. We strongly believe that our obligation to the environment is a key component to the future of our business.


Blue Tech is an eco-friendly industry so it is our first and foremost duty to protect and conserve our environment. We attempt to use environmental friendly materials and processes in all of our activities.