The National Environment Policy seeks to conserve the natural resources so that livelihood and well-being of everyone should be secured. The policy is intended to establish environmental concerns in all development activities of the country. Sustainable development is the main objective of this policy. Sustainable development is a voluntary approach in which we meet our present needs without compromising the ability to meet the needs of our future generation. Environmental depletion affect soil fertility, quantity and quality of water, air quality, flora & fauna etc. We only work with suppliers and manufacturers who are devoted to minimize their environmental impact. We are dedicated to continual enhancement of our manufacturing and logistical operations.


Blue Tech prides itself on environmental awareness in the supply of all its products. Educating and motivating employees to assure that we operate in the most environmentally viable way. We strongly believe that our obligation to the environment is a key component to the future of our business.


Blue Tech is an eco-friendly industry so it is our first and foremost duty to protect and conserve our environment. We attempt to use environmental friendly materials and processes in all of our activities.